The renewed NEWSLETTER of the Ethical Trade Forums

The renewed NEWSLETTER of the Ethical Trade Forums

From this month of June, the Ethical Trade Forums have a renewed Newsletter that will be published quarterly throughout the year.

This Newsletter, which is published in Spanish and English, has been prepared by the Communication Group, which is currently composed of representatives of different companies from the sector;  TORO VERDE SL G´s FRESH Ltd., EXPLOTACIONES AGRARIAS PUERTO EXPORT SA, NATURES WAY FOODS, FRESCA SPAIN SLU (MACK), ECOINVER EXPORT SL, PRIMAFLOR and ONUBAFRUIT, who collaborate on a voluntary basis and have the support of an information professional for the preparation of the content and its design.

The next Newsletter will be published in September, and will include information related to the next regional Forums that will be delivered in July.

You may download the Newsletter here: FCE Newsletter June 2020


Foros Comercio Ético

The objective of the Ethical Trade Forums for Suppliers is to share experiences and discuss about the challenges we have in terms of working conditions in our environment, jointly seek new ideas or practices to be implemented in companies and work as a team to improve the working conditions in the agricultural sector.

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