The city of Sevilla hosted the 2016 ETFs

The city of Sevilla hosted the 2016 ETFs

The city of Sevilla hosted the 2016 ETFs

The city of Sevilla hosted the Ethical Trade Forums for Suppliers, an event, ‘Motivation of workers and retention of talent’, helded by Conexión Social and promoted by Sainsbury’s, Co-o, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Waitrose and ASDA.

Supported also by some Importing Companies in the United Kingdom, the objective is to find out an adequate space to share experiences and best practices with other related organizations, comment openly on challenges and work collaboratively to improve working conditions in the agricultural sector.

Aimed at key operating personnel responsible for managing the welfare of workers in production sites and producer companies, the event, ‘Motivation of workers and talent retention’ was organized by Conexión Social with the support of a Working Group comprissing some of the Importing and Supplying companies.

An expert in this field, Helena Pérez, from the company Improvingworklife, was invited to participate. The venue for the event was the AC HOTEL SEVILLA FORUM hotel.

Attendees at this meeting of the sector were 53, mostly from Sevilla and Huelva. In the initial presentations, the attendees were encouraged to participate actively throughout the day and as a result, numerous ideas and interesting comments were received on all the topics discussed.

In addition, there were exercises and interactive discussions, as well as comments and ideas written in post-it that were stuck on the walls of the room.

Throughout the day, proposals for topics to be worked on in the next Forums were collected and at the end of the debate with the Working Groups, those that were most interesting were detailed and voted on. Each attendee was able to vote on all the topics he considered interesting. The result was the following:

  • Collective agreement . Legislative compliance – 23
  • Work schedule / Displacement – 19
  • Social Audits – 18
  • Loyalty of talent in the agricultural sector (labor / recruitment) – 17
  • Requirements and relationships between supermarket and suppliers – 14
  • Specific Forum for Senior Management – 13
  • Social Responsibility – 8
  • Work with local authorities and entities – 5
  • Relationship of the company with ETT – 2

This document includes the contributions of the participants in the group dynamics sessions and also comments and conclusions gathered during the day.


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Los GRUPOS DE TRABAJO comenzaron en 2018 con el objetivo de colaborar con nuestros grupos de interés en el diseño de soluciones sostenibles a los retos laborales del sector.

En esta área se encuentran almacenados los trabajos en curso y resultados finales de los diferentes Grupos de Trabajo del Foro. Además, puedes encontrar los informes y presentaciones de los encuentros.


The WORKING GROUPS started in 2018 with the aim of collaborating with our stakeholders in the design of sustainable solutions to the labor challenges of the industry.

In this area, the work in progress and the final outcomes of the different Working Groups of the Forum are stored. Also you can have access to reports and presentations delivered at the events.

Foros Comercio Ético

Foros Comercio Ético

The objective of the Ethical Trade Forums for Suppliers is to share experiences and discuss about the challenges we have in terms of working conditions in our environment, jointly seek new ideas or practices to be implemented in companies and work as a team to improve the working conditions in the agricultural sector.