Seville and Murcia will host the ETFs

Seville and Murcia will host the ETFs

Seville and Murcia will host the ETFs

On Tuesday, November 6, the International Forum of Ethical Trade for Suppliers will be held in Seville at the AC Hotel Sevilla Forum (C / Luis Fuentes Bejarano, 45 – 41020 Seville). Thursday, November 8 will also take place in Murcia.

The aim of these forums is to summarize the work done in the regional forums held throughout 2018 and the Murcia, Huelva and Almería Working Groups work, as well as to share experiences and openly discuss the issues of concern in the daily work of our environment, to jointly seek new ideas or practices to implement in the companies and to work as a group to improve the working conditions in the agricultural sector.

The Ethical Trade Forums are supported by the following UK retailers; Co-op, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, ASDA, ALDI and LIDL as well as by the major UK importers, their packers and growers throughout the region of Spain.

We will also have the active participation of retail representatives, so it will be an unique opportunity to exchange information on agricultural supply chains.

These meetings are targeted to managers, directors and key operational staff who are responsible for managing worker welfare at production sites.

The total maximum capacity of the forums is limited and due to the high demand for participation each company can register only in one forum and only one person per company. It will however be possible to add one more name per company to a waiting list during the registration process and we will advise if vacancies become available.

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Los GRUPOS DE TRABAJO comenzaron en 2018 con el objetivo de colaborar con nuestros grupos de interés en el diseño de soluciones sostenibles a los retos laborales del sector.

En esta área se encuentran almacenados los trabajos en curso y resultados finales de los diferentes Grupos de Trabajo del Foro. Además, puedes encontrar los informes y presentaciones de los encuentros.


The WORKING GROUPS started in 2018 with the aim of collaborating with our stakeholders in the design of sustainable solutions to the labor challenges of the industry.

In this area, the work in progress and the final outcomes of the different Working Groups of the Forum are stored. Also you can have access to reports and presentations delivered at the events.

Foros Comercio Ético

Foros Comercio Ético

The objective of the Ethical Trade Forums for Suppliers is to share experiences and discuss about the challenges we have in terms of working conditions in our environment, jointly seek new ideas or practices to be implemented in companies and work as a team to improve the working conditions in the agricultural sector.