Launching of new working groups

Launching of new working groups

Launching of new working groups

During the past July Forums events two new Working Groups were launched: “Improving Dialogue of management-worker representatives”  and  “Improving Grievance Mechanisms”.

Participating at these 2 groups we have representatives of Growers Associations, Union members, current worker´s committees members, labor inspectors and, of course, Forums participants.

These multi-stakeholder groups are already organized, and starting to develop their work.  However, they are still open to the participation of new members.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to send an email to indicating your interest.




Foros Comercio Ético

The objective of the Ethical Trade Forums for Suppliers is to share experiences and discuss about the challenges we have in terms of working conditions in our environment, jointly seek new ideas or practices to be implemented in companies and work as a team to improve the working conditions in the agricultural sector.

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