ETF 2018: Good Practice Guide

ETF 2018: Good Practice Guide

ETF 2018: Good Practice Guide

The themes of the Spanish Ethical Trade Forums in 2018 focused on recruitment practices, Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) and application of national legislation, as well as regional specific challenges.

In addition, in this Forum we wanted to introduce a new issue concerning working and living conditions of workers in the transport industry.

An issue which is currently being looked at by the Food Network on Ethical Trade (FNET). It was highlighted after IKEA received complaints of poor living and working conditions of drivers hired by agencies in Eastern Europe.

This year, we also launched supplier Working Groups to deal with regional specific issues. The agenda focused on creating participatory workshops to discuss these. This process is helping local producers to learn more about labour and human rights issues in their regions and ultimately to take ownership of the forums.

Working Groups

The Working Groups are led by suppliers themselves and count on the voluntary participation of their members. Currently there are three working groups:

  • Group 1: Code of Practice on Labour Agencies (Murcia)
  • Group 2: Good practice on accommodation and transport (Huelva)
  • Group 3: Good practice on smallholder practices and traceability (Almeria)

Representatives from working group 1 and 2 were present in Murcia and Almeria. Unfortunately, with Huelva being a 6- 7 hour drive away from Almeria it was more difficult to have participants attend that last workshop.

Participants asked that we cover the following subjects in future forums:


• Technology used for ethical management of workers and to develop transparency
(blockchain, greenlight, muddy boots, SEDEX)
• Information on Social Responsibility Systems. How to embed these in the organisation and
create management systems.
• Recruitment in origin countries


• Social Responsibility and management systems eg. SA260000, SA 8000
• Contracts for workers in the field.
• Management of smallholder farms.
• Traceability of smallholders feeding into supply chains


• Solutions to the transport issue.
• Retention of workers on the farms
• Recruitment at origin


El objetivo de los FOROS DE COMERCIO ÉTICO es habilitar un espacio de confianza donde compartir experiencias y debatir acerca de los retos que tenemos en cuanto a las condiciones de trabajo en el sector agrícola, buscando conjuntamente nuevas ideas o prácticas que implementar en las empresas participantes y trabajar en equipo para mejorar las condiciones laborales en el sector.

Foros Comercio Ético

Foros Comercio Ético

The objective of the Ethical Trade Forums for Suppliers is to share experiences and discuss about the challenges we have in terms of working conditions in our environment, jointly seek new ideas or practices to be implemented in companies and work as a team to improve the working conditions in the agricultural sector.