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Seeing you very soon!!

Seeing you very soon!!

Today, March 27, we would all be gathered in the Almería Forums event, the third of this always exciting week in March, together with the Huelva and Murcia events.

Unfortunately, due to the situation we are experiencing in Spain and in the rest of the World due to COVID 19, many of us find ourselves working from home.  But there are others still attending daily to their work posts because they are essential for everyone. Among them are growers and pickers, transporters and warehouse and supermarket staff, since without them feeding cities would not be possible.

Today, more than ever, we feel proud to be part of a sector that is essential and especially supportive in these hard times and we want to thank you all for your effort and commitment.

We are sure that when the storm passes we will emerge stronger and more united than ever.

For this reason, we want, from the Ethical Trade Forums, to send a message of encouragement to all of you and your families. We hope that you are all well and that very soon we can meet again to continue building a better sector all together.

In the meantime, we share some photos of last year’s events

Take care & go ahead. We are looking forward to seeing you very soon!!






Postponement March meetings the Ethical Trade Forums

Postponement March meetings the Ethical Trade Forums

Due to the situation of health alert in Spain because of the spread of Covid-19, we unfortunately need to delay the celebration of the Ethical Trade Forums events in Huelva, Murcia and Almeria at the end of March.

Depending on how this situation evolves and as soon as it is determined that they can be celebrated with any health risk, they will be convened again in the same locations.

See you soon!



“Building a sustainable sector” will be the theme of the new Ethical Trade Forums events that will be held on March 24, 26 and 27 in Huelva, Murcia and Almería.

The Ethical Trade Forums are focused on personnel responsible for managing the welfare of workers and the objective is to work as a team to improve working conditions in the agricultural sector.

The registration period is open for those companies that are suppliers and are invited by any of the sponsors of the Forums.


HUELVA – Tuesday, March 24, 2020

HACIENDA SANTA MARIA  – Carretera Palos-La Rábida, Km 16 – La Rábida (Palos de la Frontera)                         21819 (Huelva). Tel. + 34 634 50 31 40


MURCIA – Thursday, March 26, 2020

HOTEL AGALIA- Av. Arquitecto Miguel Ángel Beloqui, 7, 30006 Murcia  Tel. +34  968 39 70 00


ALMERIA – Friday, March 27, 2020     

HOTEL BARCELÓ CABO DE GATA – Avenida Juegos de Casablanca s/n 04131 Retamar (Almería). Tel. + 34 950 18 42 50

Email to request any information:

The Forums shortlisted for the SEDEX Awards

The Forums shortlisted for the SEDEX Awards


Thanks to your effort and involvement the Ethical Trade Forums have been classified as one of the three shortlisted candidates for the Sedex Responsible Business Awards that are convened for the fourth year to recognize the most important responsible supply projects and sustainability initiatives. The awards ceremony will take place in London on March 18th.

The SETF is nominated under the Best Collaborative Effort category in which those programs or initiatives developed in collaboration with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders are valued in order to improve the working conditions of workers or solve a responsible sourcing challenge.

We look forward to celebrating with you this recognition of the work that we are developing together, and which undoubtedly represents a boost and motivation to continue with this common collaborative initiative within the sector.

Roadblock during demonstrations

Roadblock during demonstrations

The fruit and vegetable sector lives, day after day, protests in our country with roadblock that, in the other hand, have been developed without incidents beyond what is expected in kind of these situations. Retentions that reach several kilometers and alternative deviations enabled by the police.

In the image taken from the Vanguardia newspaper  you can see some growers who set fire to piles of plastic boxes to generate barricades, forcing firefighters to intervene.

Why these protests?

The European Union is discussing European budgets proposing cuts to cohesion funds and the Common Agricultural Policy (PAC). A proposal that the Spanish Government considers “highly disappointing” and has reason to do so: Spain could lose over 900 million per year in aid from Brussels.

The PAC includes both policy financing and direct payments to beneficiaries. It is estimated to absorb 40% of the Community budget, making it one of the most important items in Brussels’ funds.

This foreseeable cut is joined by the growers previous concern due to various factors, such as the 3 strong increases in the National Minimum Wage over the past 3 years and other costs such as fuels and chemical products against stagnant prices of its products. Also, the incorporation to the market of products from third countries under different conditions in terms of quality, food safety and working conditions.

In the next days it will be the growers from Jaén (February 24th, ), Seville and Alicante (February 25th, ), León and Santander (28th, February) who will demonstrate, while in the first half of March there will be demostrations in Ponferrada (March 2nd, ), Huelva (March 5th ) and the Canary Islands (March 14th), according to a joint communication reported by the growers’ associations COAG, ASAJA and UPA.

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