The Forum Pillars

The Forums have the participation of producers, packers, exporters, importers and supermarkets, but we have managed to join us other organizations that also influence the welfare of workers. Everyone attends to the Forum events to work as a team


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A sustainable project

The Forum is a collaborative initiative that aims to be inclusive with all its stakeholders

Working Groups

Collaborating continously to find the adequate solutions


ETF Online seminars held in September 2020

Throughout the month of September, on the 10th the Ethical Trade Forums organized the online seminar; “Measures to improve production chains and systems”, given by Yolanda Fuster, Director of the Industrial Organization Area of IPYC. The content was found very interesting, and people would like to dig even deeper into some of the mentioned measures.  Read More

The Forums and its surroundings


The forums are supported by supermarkets as well as a large number of importing companies